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New Destiny The Taken King DLC Details Leaked


Traditionally fall is the busiest time of the year for the gaming industry with all new games and downloadable content being released. Today we will go over the leaked details on the new Destiny DLC The Taken King that is set to be released in just a couple of weeks.


The Taken King is definitely going to change up Destiny gameplay. There will be new ghost shells added into the game with one of which confirmed to have a blue/orange color scheme. Besides a new cool look, the shells will make an impact on the game adding new abilities to you character skills set. You will now be able not only to increase the levels of your intellect, strength, light, glimmer but also detect resources close by. Xur’s inventory will include a new feature called Three of Coins that will give players a better exotic drop possibility in the next fight with boss they battle.

We can’t leave  the changes made to strikes out. Players will be able to replay strikes since there will be multiple versions of dialogues and other things that will make a strike experience seem fresh. Strike playlists will be separated into 3 categories: Vanguard Ursa, Vanguard Legacy and Vanguard Marmoset. Legacy will feature a list of strikes from the lst two rounds of DLC and vanilla Destiny; Ursa will include a list of heroic strikes with legendary marks and engrmas reward system; and Marmoset will present a list of strikes from the Taken King.

Traditionally new maps, weapons and skills will be offered with a new content.


As of yet there is not much information available about a new raid of the pack but all the emerged details make The Taken King worth the wait.

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Stay tuned and Happy Shooting!

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