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More content is coming up for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline games



What’s up, Battlefield fans! Today we will summarize the latest news about your favorite gaming series.

Today, May 26 DICE is releasing a much anticipated spring update for Battlefield 4 that will be available for all gaming platforms Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.  The newest Battlefield patch will offer 5 brand new weapons and the new mode Gun Master. New mode will be similar to existing Battlefield 4 Gun Games mode where you would start playing with only one weapon and will be rewarded with seventeen more weapons for each kill until you get rewarded with a knife that you would perform your final kill with.

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New cool updates on netcode and performance are included in the patch as well.  A pleasant news is the that all new Battlefield content will be free for players from now on.

Battlefield Hardline will be offering new content next month via the game’s first DLC pack – Criminal Activity.  The trailer leaked to the public contains a lot of information on what we expect to see in the upcoming DLC. There will be 4 new maps called Backwood, the Beat, Code Blue and Black Friday. Backwood is going to be a suburban woody area, The Beat looks like a poor neighborhood area, Code Blue is actually a night club and Black Friday action will be happening at the mall. Along with these new maps, players will be getting access to three new weapons and a new super weapon, the nail gun which is going to be a pick up weapon randomly located on the maps. On top of the new maps and weapons, we will be getting some new cool gadgets, two new vehicles along with six new pieces of hair care, some new animal masks and helmets.

Stay tuned as we’ve got more news coming!

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