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Matte Lime Green Xbox One Modded Controller

matte-lime-green-xbox-one-rapid-fire-modded-controllerCheck out our line of mate solid color Xbox One modded controllers and select your favorite one! Featured product today is Lime Green Xbox One modded controller that comes with a super bright lime green front shell and standard back on the back.  Lime green surface of the controller has a silky smooth touch to it and is very comfortable for gripping.

Lime Green Xbox One mod feature the latest, most advanced processor and an increased memory capacity that allows to install up to 15 various functions on the chip inside of the controller and avoid any lags or other glitches that users were experiencing with the remotes of the previous generation.

In order to determine which of the options will meet your gaming needs, we recommend to read the information about each of the mod that can be found HERE and watch our game play videos HERE that will demonstrate you the advantages of the mods in action.

Always remember our friendly customer support is available during the business hours and will gladly answer any of the questions that you may have.

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