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Halo 5 Guardians Xbox One Modded Controller




Halo 5 is scheduled to be released in Fall 2015. It is going to be the fifth installment in the gaming series named Guardians.

Game developers state that Halo 5 will be much more powerful in terms of  game landscape, content and technology as Guardians will be built on a completely new  game engine.  A lot of efforts have been spent to ensure the game will utilize Xbox One capabilities to the fullest to deliver a top quality next gen Halo installment.

The plot will pick up right from Halo 4 events – more details will be revealed at the upcoming E3 this year.

Check out Xbox One modded controllers that are available at www.megamodzplanet.com now! Our products will be compatible with Halo G5 Guardians and will offer 10 mode advanced Rapid Fire feature that will increase the fire rate for all semi auto and single shot weapons in the game. Users will be able to choose from 10 factory fire rates pre set by our engineers or customize the speeds for each of the favorite Halo 5 weapons.  Stay tuned!

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