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Modded controllers come in tons of design variations and custom look options. Within minutes customers can find all kinds of colors and textures that are available for a controller shell.  No doubt, there are certain designs that are in a high demand and are very popular among buyers all over the world. One of these powerful designs is Gold Xbox 360 controller.  It has got stunning sophisticated look to it with its smooth shell painted with a solid gold color and gold operational buttons. Imagine adding a couple add ons options  like bullet buttons  or color changing thumb sticks on to it and you will get a perfect toy every gamer is craving for.

Besides its winning look, Gold Xbox 360 controller comes modded, in other words it has not only the shell but a quite impressive “filling” as well. It is an original Microsoft Xbox 360 controller that has an advanced Rapid fire chip installed inside of it. The chip comes with 10 pre-set modes that already have stores speed settings for the most popular games and weapons. Should user want to set up own speeds, it can be easily done in a programming mode.

Gold Xbox 360 controller can be further customized with various mod packs that can be easily from add ons menu. These mod packs can have a tremendously positive effect on your game and can be compared to powerful perks that are unlocked by players during the game intercourse.

Gold Multi Mod Controller Packages

Gold Xbox 360 modded controller is compatible with all first person shooters on the market and is especially good for freshly released Black Ops 2 game if combined with Black Ops 2 multi mode package. Black Ops 2 multi mode package comes with the Rapid Fire and 12 more exclusive mod packs that will work will all older Call of Duty game series as well. Your character will get an ability to shoot and reload the guns much faster, aim more precisely, drop to the ground while taking a shot and much more!
Keep in mind that in some cases the components of gold Xbox shells paint can cause the disconnection of your modded controller from the old generation of Xbox 360 consoles. This issue has never occurred to the latest slim edition Xbox consoles.

By choosing Gold Xbox 360 modded controller you will not only impress your clan with the blinking look of the accessory but will boost your killing ratio like never before. Take advantage of this hot seller while the supplies last.

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