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A modded controller as a Christmas gift


With Christmas coming in less than two weeks, you probably already know what gift you’d like to get or to give to your beloved ones. If a modded controller of the next-gen is on your list then stop looking, you’ve come t the right place to get one!

At www.megamodzplanet.com we offer tons of cool looking highly functional modded controllers for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony Play Station 4 and Play Station 3 that will become your everyday gaming tool for destroying your virtual enemies and placing you on the top players list in no time.

If this is your first time shopping on our website, let us give you a quick tutorial on how to build the modded controller of your dream while having a pleasant and smooth shopping experience. Start with clicking on blue tab named MODDED CONTROLLERS located on the homepage, right-click on it to get to a drop down menu from where you will need to select your type of gaming system – Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 or PS3. From there you will be taken to a different page that will list all modded controllers that we offer for that console type. Please click on the controller you like the most and start equipping it with exclusive mod packs and design customization options that meet your unique needs using our convenient Add Ons menu located below any controller on the website. First you will be offered to work on the functionality of the product by adding desired mod packs or multi mod packages on to your controller and as you scroll down, you will see all available design Add Ons that will let you customize the look of your brand new gadget to your liking.
We suggest you take your time and read about all mods, their functions and skills your character will get via the links below or simply by clicking on red question marks in Add Ons menu. Keep in mind every Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 or PS3 modded controller from MegaModzPlanet already comes with advanced Rapid Fire mod pack by default so there is no need to add it to your controller.

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!!


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