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  • Call-of-duty-Black-Ops-III-trailer-mega-modz-planet

    We all have been waiting for the Call of Duty  Black Ops 3 actual game play trailer world reveal  and we are happy to provide our reader with our in-depth review  of the video along with more details about some game weapons, technology and perks.

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    It might seem that trailer shows game play moments from the campaign only but the pieces of multiplayer have been snuck into the clip as well.

    The warfare takes place around 2065, therefore there is a lot of futuristic elements in the game like robots and technology both in the air and the land that have been welcomed by some and strongly criticized by others.

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    As the trailer goes on, we get to see some of the weapons available in Black Ops 3 campaign and multiplayer modes. Let’s take a look at the guns featured in the video. The first gun showed in the clip is a very powerful automatic assault rifle decorated with a red camouflage pattern. The name of the gun is Man at War and it is a futuristic version of popular AK47. After that we can see a female character carrying a massive sub machine gun will be very deadly and effective against these robots.  [Read more]

  • modded-controller-as-a-christmas-gift

    With Christmas coming in less than two weeks, you probably already know what gift you’d like to get or to give to your beloved ones. If a modded controller of the next-gen is on your list then stop looking, you’ve come t the right place to get one!

    At www.megamodzplanet.com we offer tons of cool looking highly functional modded controllers for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony Play Station 4 and Play Station 3 that will become your everyday gaming tool for destroying your virtual enemies and placing you on the top players list in no time. [Read more]

  • Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-modded-controllers

    As less and less time is left until the newest Call of Duty franchise Advanced Warfare release date, the producers reveal more details on the features of the upcoming game.

    Rumors have it that the most prominent and worked on part of Advanced Warfare will be its multiplayer. In one of his interviews, co-founder Michael Kodery called it a big step forward compared to other Call of Duty and competition multiplayer and mentioned that 3 years of hard work put into its development, have resulted in tons of new content and innovative gaming solutions. The fact the game takes place in fifty years from now left a lot of room for imagination and creativity of the development team.  Players will have a new set of skills and abilities like an ability to jump big distances and heights; they will be exposed to absolutely new gear and gadgets like energy rifles and cycled grenades. [Read more]

  • modded-controller-call-of-duty-advanced-warfare

    As the latest Call of Duty game Advanced Warfare release date is set for November,4 of this year, all fans and anti-fans of one       of the most biggest and most successful first person shooter franchises started fierce online debates via gaming forums and         social media pages. Which side are you on?

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  • Orange Modded Xbox 360 Controller
    Video games industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the current market. The makers of video games are constantly making new releases or adding more to the storyline of existing popular games. The industry giants such as Microsoft and Sony keep improving their gaming consoles technology and now a new generation of consoles is on its way.   Companies producing complimentary products don’t lag behind the industry leaders and keep coming up with new exciting goods. One of the most popular accessories on the market of video games is a custom modded controller by Mega Modz Planet.

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  • Every gamer has come across a hot selling accessory on the video games market that took the industry by storm. This new toy is well known as a modded controller for 2 major gaming consoles – Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. PS3 modded controller have found its niche and the share of users successfully playing with modded controllers for Play Station 3 has been increased by hundred times in the past couple of years.

    A sales leader has been established a while back. Gold PS3 modded controller has been in the highest demand ever since it has been first introduced on the US market in 2009. This particular design has found its fans among both teens and adults. Customers always get fascinated by its beautiful look and the feel they get while playing with it as the controller has a very silky, polished surface. Gold plated shell doesn’t fade or get cracked as we only use the most quality parts for our modded controllers.

    Gold modded PS3 controller is a 100 % authentic PS3 controller that has only been opened to get the Rapid Fire chip installed and a shell replaced. Afterwards the controller functions have been tested on an actual game by one of our experienced technician’s gamers to ensure the highest quality of the product.

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