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The latest patches for Advanced Warfare and Halo 4 made the content more engaging

halo-4-modded-controllersThe latest patches that came out for Call of Duty and Halo franchises newest releases – Advanced Warfare and Halo 4 brought lots of fix ups and new content  for the games’ fans.  Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is now offering supply drop missions on a daily basis that will let players earn different kinds of rewards based on set challenges competition on both campaign and multiplayer modes.

Halo 4 patch includes a content update that will include fixes on custom and roster games; matchmaking and Spartan Ops mode.

We are glad to welcome you at our online store and introduce you our high end modded controllers for Xbox One, Play Station 4, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 gaming systems that will meet the demands of the most experienced gamers.

We offer 12 different cool skills that can be added to your Call of Duty Advanced Warfare soldier performance via our Exclusive mod packs you will be able to add using our Add Ons menu.  Check out the link http://megamodzplanet.com/gaming-mods/other-gaming-mods/advanced-warfare-modded-controllers to get familiar with all the functions and pick the ones that fit your combat style and gaming needs the most!

For all Halo 4 fans we are glad to offer our 2014 advanced Rapid Fire mod pack that delivers 10 factory fire rates programmed by our engineering team for your convenience. Please check out our Rapid Fire chart available in Instructions menu for every type of console to find optimal default Rapid Fire speed setting for your type of weapon. Presently we don’t offer any additional exclusive mod packs for Halo 4 game so all Halo fans are welcome to click on any controller at www.megamodzplanet.com that you like and proceed to check. There is no need to add Rapid Fire in the Add Ons menu as the option comes by default on any controller.

Happy Holidays!

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