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  • The time has come for one of the biggest releases of the year in the video games industry. Xbox One modded controller brought to you exclusively by MegaModzPlanet is now available for pre-order on our website.

    We are officialy the first company on the market to offer this product to our customers.

    Xbox One modded controller will be released on December, 31 2013 or before. All pre-order customers will be updated regarding the status of their order via emails.

    Let’s get into more details about the design and the functionality of the controller designed specifically for the next-gen Xbox One gaming console.

    Xbox One controller has a significantly different design compared to its predecessor Xbox 360 featuring over 40 modifications. Now customer base will increase due to new shape or, to be more exact, the contour of the remote. Xbox One controller is much more user oriented as it offers more room for gripping, therefore it will be equally comfortable for users with different hand sizes. Xbox One D-pad has been re-modeled as well so that users will have a compete control over the movements of their character and his flawless relocation from point A to point B. [Read more]

  • Orange Modded Xbox 360 Controller
    Video games industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the current market. The makers of video games are constantly making new releases or adding more to the storyline of existing popular games. The industry giants such as Microsoft and Sony keep improving their gaming consoles technology and now a new generation of consoles is on its way.   Companies producing complimentary products don’t lag behind the industry leaders and keep coming up with new exciting goods. One of the most popular accessories on the market of video games is a custom modded controller by Mega Modz Planet.

    [Read more]

  • By Kamaila Sanders | www.businessinsider.com

    Two of the hottest video game trailers for titles that will be released this year will feature commentary on the economy.

    When Rockstar Games released the trailer for the next installment of their successful Grand Theft Auto series, many viewers couldn’t help but notice two things.

    One, we are back in LA. Two, with the appearance of foreclosure signs and homeless people living under a bridge packed into a minute and 25 second trailer, it’s clear that Rockstar is taking on the state of the economy. Initial images of the material wealth LA embodies clearly fade in the trailer setting up a dichotomy for class warfare. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve got to check out the trailer below.

    Grand Theft Auto V  Trailer

    The trailer for BioShock Infinite that was released during the Spike TV VGA’s also includes social and economic messages that can clearly be identified in the trailer below.

    Bioshock Infinite Trailer

    There’s no doubt that the game developers behind these games are taking social and economic woes head on and they are going to take gamers along for the ride.

    Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/in-2012-the-hottest-video-

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