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Xbox One Modded Controller Revealed

The time has come for one of the biggest releases of the year in the video games industry. Xbox One modded controller brought to you exclusively by MegaModzPlanet is now available for pre-order on our website.

We are officialy the first company on the market to offer this product to our customers.

Xbox One modded controller will be released on December, 31 2013 or before. All pre-order customers will be updated regarding the status of their order via emails.

Let’s get into more details about the design and the functionality of the controller designed specifically for the next-gen Xbox One gaming console.

Xbox One controller has a significantly different design compared to its predecessor Xbox 360 featuring over 40 modifications. Now customer base will increase due to new shape or, to be more exact, the contour of the remote. Xbox One controller is much more user oriented as it offers more room for gripping, therefore it will be equally comfortable for users with different hand sizes. Xbox One D-pad has been re-modeled as well so that users will have a compete control over the movements of their character and his flawless relocation from point A to point B. Gamers will now will feel engaged in the game like never before due to an increased vibration feedback of Xbox One Impulse Triggers. Everything that will be happening to your character on the battlefield will be on your fingertips immediately with new vibration motors installed in the triggers. You will experience explosions, crashes and weapons on the next level of gaming realism. Battery is now hidden in the body of the controller providing players more comfortable touch and more space for gripping.

As you know, we only use authentic Microsoft and Sony products that we further modify using our chips and other accessory as per order. Xbox One modded controller comes with Rapid Fire function by default to ensure your gaming character will have the fastest shots per second rate available for that type of weapon. Our Rapid Fire is compatible for all semi auto and single shot weapons. Keep in mind, our Xbox One modded controller will not only be available for existing popular games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, Halo series and others, but will also work with all upcoming hot releases such as COD Ghosts, Battlefield 4, GTA 5 … Other less popular games will also be compatible with our Xbox One mods as log as the game features compatible guns. Ask our agent if MegaModz Xbox One modded controller will work with your favorite game now!

We are the first company on the market to offer a Modded Rapid Fire Xbox One controller. Every controller comes with 10 mode programmable Rapid Fire by default (conveniently programmed by our engineers for most popular video games) and offers a programming mode where users are welcome to set up custom speeds.

Our Xbox One modded controller will come with a twice more powerful processor compared to the Xbox 360 mod, so that users will simply have to update their existing Xbox One modded controller as soon as more exciting features for controllers become available. How cool is that?

Hurry to reserve your Xbox One Rapid Fire controller by MegaModzPlanet today as supplies are limited! Contact our Support Team at 888 909 5908 for more details.

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