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Xbox One gaming news this week


Let’s highlight the most important news from this week of the video games world.

Looks like BioWare have been trying to gather more opinions from the gaming community on the settings and location for the upcoming Mass Effect 4 via surveys to deliver an exciting and customer oriented installment of the series. The leak on upcoming Mass Effect 4 installment reveals some information on the location and settings of the game.

The leak on the upcoming game reveals that the action will reportedly take place in the Helius Cluster which will be remotely located from the regular premises of the previous Mass Effect combat areas. The Helius Cluster is located in Andromeda Galaxy and includes hundreds of solar systems. The idea behind a brand new remote location is to get gamers engaged not only in an exciting combat but also devote some time exploring the new cluster and establish a new home for the mankind.

A new trailer for Halo 5 has been revealed earlier this week that demonstrated a fierce combat scene featuring Spartan Locke bang as a main protagonist. The main idea of the clip is that things for humanity start to look worse when its favorite hero disappear after a sudden attack at the colony. Here is when a new Spartan is called for help to find the Master Chief’ traits and find out what had happened to the greatest hero of all times. The trailer encourages gamers to pre-order the game so they could get awarded with the new Armor set Helmet and Multiplayer Armor DLC.

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A new update for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer has just come out changing the way the Hard Wired perk works. Now an explosive flinch resistance option has been added to the perk which was met with a positive response and approval from the players who have been extremely annoyed with the perk’s features before.

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More Xbox One gaming news to come soon! Stay tuned

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