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Titanfall Xbox One Modded Controller

titanfall xbox oneTitanfall Xbox One modded controller is the newest Xbox One remote of 2014 that combines limited edition design created exclusively by Microsoft team with the latest generation modding technology developed by Mega Modz engineering group to deliver an ultimate Xbox One gaming gadget that has it all.

Titanfall Xbox One modded controller’s look features the latest gaming release of 2014 developed by Call of Duty gaming series creators  – Titanfall, and is beautifully done is orange, black and white colors delivering an edgy one-of-a-kind design.

Besides the outstanding looks, the accessory comes with the most current and updated version of a Rapid Fire chip offered on the controller modding market today.  Mega Modz Rapid Fire delivers 15 mod packs with most of them offering programmable modes in addition to default settings  to offer users lots of  flexibility to satisfy their gaming needs.

Check out this beautiful product here.

We encourage our fans to learn more information on all features that our modding technology has to offer via our Titanfall Xbox One modded controller page on our website via the link and select the options that will benefit your gaming performance. Please note that Rapid Fire function comes on every Titanfall Xbox One modded controller  by default and it doesn’t have to be selected from the Add Ons menu.  You are also welcome to select a fully loaded Titanfall Xbox One controller that comes with all possible features pre-installed.

Should you have any questions about the functions, pricing and ongoing special on Mega Modz Planet Xbox One Titanfall modded controller, contact our Sales Teal at 888 909 5908 and our friendly representative will answer all of your question.

Happy shooting!

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