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PS4 and Xbox One presentations rivalry at E3 2014 Expo


AS E3 Expo just took place in Los Anges, California, a battle between two giants of the gaming industry – Microsoft and Sony got more serious.  Both companies were doing their best to show their supremacy on the market and target as much audience as they could demonstrating  new products and talking about plans, future games and platforms.

Xbox presentation went smoothly, without any stops or system crushes and it was mainly focused on announcements of new games, their features and  game play demos. The most interesting fact about the presentation is that there hasn’t been a word said about Xbox One sales numbers, market share and other related information which seemed pretty unusual considering the fact that Microsoft latest gaming console had been launched only a few months prior to E3 2014 Expo.

Sony presentation was just the opposite from Microsoft one.  Besides the heads up on upcoming games, a lot of attention was given to the gaming console itself with its social media sharing and streaming video content features, latest updates to PS4 such as added YouTube access etc.

So heads up, folks! A lot of new cool gaming content is coming out for both consoles and we are happy to improve your gaming experience with Sony PS4 or Microsoft Xbox One consoles even further by adding more variety to the skills set of your characters via our Xbox One and PS4 modded controllers.


Happy shooting!

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