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More news on COD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer


As less and less time is left until the newest Call of Duty franchise Advanced Warfare release date, the producers reveal more details on the features of the upcoming game.

Rumors have it that the most prominent and worked on part of Advanced Warfare will be its multiplayer. In one of his interviews, co-founder Michael Kodery called it a big step forward compared to other Call of Duty and competition multiplayer and mentioned that 3 years of hard work put into its development, have resulted in tons of new content and innovative gaming solutions. The fact the game takes place in fifty years from now left a lot of room for imagination and creativity of the development team.  Players will have a new set of skills and abilities like an ability to jump big distances and heights; they will be exposed to absolutely new gear and gadgets like energy rifles and cycled grenades.

Advanced Warfare multiplayer will probably feel a little bit to sci-fi and futuristic but that’s going to become its signature and will interest a lot of gamers, as the founders of the game believe. If you think about it, how much do we know about the military technology of the future? It may be the case that lots of that cutting edge gear will be used by us, humans, in 50 years.

Advanced Warfare is for sure the most talked about game of 2014 and the number of those who were skeptical about it first is rapidly decreasing as more game details become available.

The demo played at E3 Expo a few days ago, featured a solder of the future that will be your actual character in the multiplayer. Do you imagine the powers of your soldier with all new skills offered by the manufacturers and coupled with the skills delivered by our modded controllers?

We are currently working on Advanced Warfare Compatible controllers for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 and we will be glad to provide more info on compatible mod packs soon. Stay tuned!

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