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Get ready for the battle in Advanced Warfare with our modded controllers


Since Activision has been suspiciously quiet about sales figures for the newly released Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game, analysts assume the numbers are not going to be that high and many think there have been sold less copies of Advanced Warfare compared to Ghosts.  The game, however, received generally positive reviews from the experts of the most popular gaming resources who rated it 9 out of 10 and gamers who left good feedbacks about the game plot, features and dynamics.

Let’s see what makes Advanced Warfare stand out from other games of the legendary franchise.

Campaign is a lot of fun.  Most players usually like the multiplayer and don’t care as much for the campaign, but Advanced Warfare single player mode broke the tradition and delivered a quality single player mode with an engaging plot and a well thought-out dynamics.

Advanced Warfare is the first Call of Duty game to be created in 3 year development cycle instead of the usual 2 year cycle for other games in the franchise.  Having one extra year on hands to complete the game gives a great advantage to the game right from the start as there should be less glitches and lags during the game play.

According to the game developers, Advanced Warfare was inspired by films mostly and not by other Sledgehammer games. No specific movies have been named though.

The game makers have spent an enormous amount of time on scientific research to make story and technology in Advanced Warfare feel possible.  In spite of all the futuristic features and weapons presented in the game, everything seems real.

The moves of the characters and the mimics look fantastic and very realistic due to the same facial animation technology used in the game as the one being used for Jonn’s Cameron upcoming Avatar sequel.

To complete our comparison of Advanced Warfare to other Call of Duty games we are missing the official sales figures that we all have been impatiently waiting on.

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