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Orange Modded Xbox 360 Controller
Video games industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the current market. The makers of video games are constantly making new releases or adding more to the storyline of existing popular games. The industry giants such as Microsoft and Sony keep improving their gaming consoles technology and now a new generation of consoles is on its way.   Companies producing complimentary products don’t lag behind the industry leaders and keep coming up with new exciting goods. One of the most popular accessories on the market of video games is a custom modded controller by Mega Modz Planet.

A modded controller is a regular controller for Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 that adds a lot of powerful features to your game and makes your character more skillful minutes after the mode has been activated. The only downside of this new cool accessory is that you get to experience an increased gaming performance only in first person shooter games. But what if you don’t like this video game genre and prefer adventures, platform games or puzzles?  The good news is that even in this case you will be able to benefit from controller customization service as custom controllers come with various options in terms of the look of a shell, D-pad, stock buttons and thumbsticks. Video games lovers spend hours playing their favorite game and a dull look of a factory controller doesn’t help.  Fortunately with the rise of modding companies this problem has been solved and now custom controllers have hundred of shell designs, textures, illuminating features and you can even replace stock buttons with real .9mm bullets! How amazing is that? No more boring black or white shell color – you can now have a bright, eye-catching toy to play with. Modding companies offer multiple solid color shells  or exclusive unique designs  such as Camo, Zebra, Sculls, Splatter, Water drops, Carbon Fiber just to name a few. You can check out hydro dippied controllers here: Xbox 360 & PS3


Modded PS3 Controller Mega Modz

Controller customization doesn’t stop here. To make your favorite accessory look absolutely unique you can select from tens of available colors for all parts of your controller such as D-pad, thumbsticks, ABXY buttons and so on. If you are not completely satisfied with those being customized according to your taste – you can add illumination option as well. Just imagine how pretty would blue or green illuminating thumbsticks or LEDs look on a grayish Sculls shell.

Various customization options available for Xbox 360 or PS3 controllers give you confidence that you are getting a beautiful unique accessory that no one else has. Modding company with online store at www.MegaModzPlanet.com has caught our eye with its quality shell designs, a variety of add- on options and good prices.

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