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COD: Black Ops 2, should it be the next game?

By Peter Chubb

Discussions regarding the next Call of Duty game  have already begun, which we already got involved in. Some predictions were more popular than others, but one thing is for certain, changes need to be made. Some fans are now starting to warm to the idea of COD: Black Ops 2, but should it be the next game?

Let’s get one thing out of the way first; the next Call of Duty title will not be a next-gen release, as we do not expect Microsoft or Sony to release these until 2013 at the earliest. However, this could mean that Black Ops 2 or whatever it will be called could be the final from the franchise on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Love it or hate it Black Ops did pretty well in the end, and depending who you ask had some great innovation on Treyarch’s part. Yes it came under some flake, but that never stopped millions of people buying and playing it. It’s for this reason why the game should be given another chance; it would be interesting to see what the developer does with it.

It’s always hard to predict where a game should go the next time round, as so many ideas will be shot down. However, we believe that Black Ops 2 needs to be grittier. World at War stood out for us, so the next Call of Duty needs to get some of that magic back.

Should Black Ops 2 be the next COD title?

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