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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Modded Controller


Hello COD fans,  it’s been long five months since Activision released Call of Duty Black Ops 3 that has turned out to be the first game in a legendary series not to become a total failure in the past few years compared to its predecessors. Players have had a chance to play it, experience it, live it and  to make a conclusion whether the franchise has re taken it’s place on the video games market. Most agreed that the game is significantly better than Advanced Warfare or Ghosts but still doesn’t offer a well paced dynamics or plot and features too many futuristic elements, referring to Modern Warfare as being the best Call of Duty game ever.

Developers analyzed the feedback and came up with a genius solution to introduce a new COD that won’t be like any other. Call of Duty Infinity Warfare will have an unusual plot and surroundings  to attract new customers and  will offer a nice bonus to the edition – a remastered version of Modern Warfare to win back the old ones!

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Infinite Warfare structure will remain untouched offering traditional  game modes: campaign, multiplayer and Zombies. There is little to nothing know on the multiplayer features at the moment. Zombie mode will have a new plot with unique mechanics and features. And as for campaign, this is where it gets interesting. Details emerging about Infinite Warfare campaign reveal the game missions will challenge traditional COD as we know it. Gamers will get to play as a character who is going to be pilot of a space fighter jet, therefore there will be a lot of flying on the jet,controlling it,  fighting the ships of the enemies, jumping into zero-g, combats with the enemies inside the jet and other cool features. The Infinity Ward tease fans talking more about game options such as ability to communicate with the crew on the ship and assign different missions to it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a part of the bundle that won’t be available separately. Activision admits that the idea came from the fans who have been petitioning the video game publisher for years now. It’s probably a great idea to release both games, a new one and  a popular original’s remaster at the same time when xbox One and PS4 sales are in full swing. Modern Warfare Remastered will stay as CODish as possible in terms of game dynamics, gameplay, weapons featured, maps, killstreaks etc. Basically it will feature original Modern Warfare modes and maps but an updated version, with better graphics and sounds.

We are very excited about the upcoming Infinite Warfare edition and Modern Warfare Remastered is what instantly  bought us as we have a lot of old school gamers in the team who love classic Modern Warfare games. Our modding technology is constantly evolving and we will be featuring Infinite Warfare modded Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers on the website shortly. We will be offering eleven to thirteen Infinite Warfare compatible mods that are currently available on the website (feel free to check them out now and see the mods in action on our Youtube channel!). In addition to standard Call of Duty mods, we will make every effort to come up with new features compatible with the game as it looks like Infinite Warfare offers plenty of room for imagination. Stay tuned to be the first ones to know the release date of Mega Modz Planet Infinite Warfare compatible modded controllers!


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