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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Trailer Review. Part II.


Welcome back to our review of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 trailer. In the second part of our review we will share a lot of details about brand new perks offered  by the game, characters’ skills, looks and, of course, the enemies.

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The game combats offer more diversity and intensity in new Black Ops 3 as there will be fights taking place in the air, on the ground and in the water as well. Underwater gun fights and swimming will be a part of multiplayer – as soon as you get under  water you can pull out your gun , aim down sight and shoot your enemies.

One of the new features within multiplayer for Black Ops3 will be something called Specialists that are special characters coming with unique weapons and abilities. Players will be able to take one of them into multiplayer and use a single special ability and gun in the combat. They are not going to be given for long but will let players diverse their game play and have a fun and cool experience.

The trailer reveals the look of the characters showing some biotech enhancements to some of the players replacing different body parts like arms to make them more efficient in terms of combat on the field.

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A lot of cool new options have been added to the menu like fire flies, new movement features like power slide that actually lets you slide on a pretty good distance. That movement was widely demonstrated in the episode with a giant robot being taken down by a soldier sliding underneath while firing at it.

Towards the end of the trailer we can see a character performing a frost jump on to the roof of the building – this movement is not new for Call of Duty latest releases like Advanced Warfare and Ghosts but is quite unusual for Black Ops series.  The amplitude of a frost jump can be controlled by players and can be used a full jump, as a short jump or even multiple jumps.


Another cool ability shown in a trailer is gravity welding sticks that can be electrified and shoved into the ground which will result in a big burst of energy that will kill anyone in that area. It can never be enough of perks helping destroy more enemies, right?

The last thing to mention in terms of new perks and abilities features in the trailer a crazy spike thing rolling around on the ground that kills anyone it crushes into – this definitely will come in handy while fighting against the robots.

We will keep you tuned as learn more information from our sources, make sure to subscribe to us and Happy Shooting!


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