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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Trailer Review. Part I


We all have been waiting for the Call of Duty  Black Ops 3 actual game play trailer world reveal  and we are happy to provide our reader with our in-depth review  of the video along with more details about some game weapons, technology and perks.

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It might seem that trailer shows game play moments from the campaign only but the pieces of multiplayer have been snuck into the clip as well.

The warfare takes place around 2065, therefore there is a lot of futuristic elements in the game like robots and technology both in the air and the land that have been welcomed by some and strongly criticized by others.

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As the trailer goes on, we get to see some of the weapons available in Black Ops 3 campaign and multiplayer modes. Let’s take a look at the guns featured in the video. The first gun showed in the clip is a very powerful automatic assault rifle decorated with a red camouflage pattern. The name of the gun is Man at War and it is a futuristic version of popular AK47. After that we can see a female character carrying a massive sub machine gun will be very deadly and effective against these robots. 

Another high performance weapon is captured in the image of a hand of a soldier holding a golden pistol with a golden eye. Using this pistol requires a very high accuracy while aiming. The main advantage of the pistol is that it kills an enemy with the first shot as long as you are on target but the disadvantage is a reload time which is pretty long. If you miss the first shot, your character will likely be killed by the opponent while you will be standing there and waiting for the pistol to reload.

Another cool weapon featured in Black Ops 3 trailer is a crossbow. If you are new to this type of weapon, it will probably take some time for you to master it as it has to be pulled back real hard to make it strong enough to shot from long distances. But once you become comfortable with it, you will gain an obvious advantage on the battlefield as if you do hit your enemy with it, he will get flung back and then explode. If the enemy lands into another enemy, both of them will be destroyed. This is why using the crossbow is more effective in certain gaming situations as opposed to just shooting  - allows you to get more enemies killed.

In the Part 2 of our Call of Duty Black Ops 3 trailer review we will talk more about gaming characters,  enemies, new skills and features offered by the game. Stay tuned!

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