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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Quick Review


MegaModzPlanet  technician team devoted a lot of time to playing Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Beta version during the past week end. Our 2015 programmable Rapid Fire along with other exclusive mods have been tested on the game and they work great. Check out our Black Ops 3 modded controllers and compatible mods here!

Black Ops 3 action takes place many years after Black Ops 2. The world and the scenery have changed a lot during futuristic conflict and the levels of the game represent this quite well.

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Black Ops 3 multiplayer reveals the following 5 maps:

  • Evac  which is a skyscraper in disrepair and overgrown with nature
  • Hunted which is a big lodge located in the Ethiopian mountains and features a beautiful waterfall
  • Combine is a dessert Sahara area
  • Stronghold is a snow high-tech chateau in Switzerland
  • Nuk3town is a pre-orer bonus map that allows players to fight against each other in fast-paced Nuk3town map with a new Black Ops 3 movement system. Don’t miss a momentum!

The most prominent detail about all of the maps is that they have a very clear direction and it will just take a few plays for players to understand what each map is trying to achieve in terms of multiplayer design. It is pretty to easy to identify map’s main spots, advantages and disadvantages in certain areas, ambush and sniper spots.  Black Ops 3 is a very dynamic game and players need to make sure they are on the go at all times as there is always someone aiming at your character from somewhere. Players will find it very interesting to move around the maps due to their  variation in decoration and exterior structures.

On top of exciting landscapes, there are many holes and abysses  in each map so gamers need to be careful not to get their character dead just by stepping in them accidentally. It took our technicians a few plays to stop falling every 5 minutes.

Among the biggest changes to Black Ops 3 a new movement system and specialists classes have been highlighted. New movement system now allows characters running on the walls that can be changed with jackpotting, jumping and sliding. Mastering this movement system will give you the greatest advantage in this COD installment and Mega Modz Planet Jump Shot mod was found to be exceptionally useful in this matter.

Specialists are classes that players unlock as they rank up. They all come with unique abilities such as using explosive bow and arrow,  powerful grenade launcher, bullet repelling ammo and so forth. The abilities charge up as gamers play and picking a right movement unleashes them.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 offers plenty of weapons customization and the way players balance unlocks and attachments is very polished and logical.

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Overall MegaModzPlanet team has been very satisfied with the game and the way our modded controllers for Xbox One and PS4 perform in it. We can’t wait till November to experience a full version – stay tuned, folks!

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