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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Game Play Leaked


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will finally be released in just 3 (!) days and our anticipation has reached its zenith. All latest leaks of the game actual videos and information have heated public interest even more.  It appears that some game copies have been stolen and then leaked to the public leaving Activision and Sledgehammer Games very upset over the situation.  The stolen copies gave a lot of details about the game including the list of weapons, Exo abilities, and maps and confirmed the availability of Zombie mode.

Here is a brief summary of Advanced Warfare menu options: there will be  17 weapons Camo options,  5 classes of guns including all new LMG option that will introduce 5 absolutely brand new weapons, 15  weapon attachments, 8 Exo abilities and 13 maps.

More miscellaneous details have been shared with the fans: DNA bomb ( a 30 gun kill streak)  will first kill all enemies from the opposing team and then cover the whole map with green mist for a short time. Advanced Warfare now has a multiplayer option for paintball effects. Players will be able to complete the campaign mode in about 5 hours. Objective rounds will be included in Exo Survival mode and players will be punished for non-completion. A lot of customization options will be offered in private matches. Users will be able to equip their rail gun pistols with sniper scopes. You will be able to survive 2 sniper shots with enabled Exo stim, damage cars with Exosuit smash and equip with Exo shield almost instantly. Options like Capture the Flag and Momentum, SND and Hardpoint are now included in eSports list. Leaked videos also confirmed that Advanced Warfare will offer Zombie mode featuring  quick and high-leaping zombies that travel in big groups.

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