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Modded Controllers for Battlefield 1


Last week EA announced the release of Battlefield 1 which was a true shocker to the fans as everyone was expecting the continuation of the main plot aka Battlefield 5 especially after series 2015 spin off Hardline. Battlefield 1 trailer got a record number of likes in YouTube history and that’s no wonder as it revealed the game return to the roots in terms of dynamics, spectacular battlefield, weaponry and the signature BF style. Here is what is known so far:

Battlefield 1 is set to be released on October, 21st but those who purchase Early Enlister edition will be able to start playing 3 days prior the official date. Developers made it clear the game is not going to be another Hardline sort of thing but will follow into traditional Battlefield patterns. Theoretically it’s the fifth installment of the Battlefield series that was strategically named Battlefield 1 for marketing purposes. Battlefield 1 brings up the World War I theme hence the number 1 is used to emphasize the fact and the history around the plot.

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World War I is a risky theme to build on due to political uncertainty happening at the time where it was hard to separate the wrong from the right and the specifics of the warfare itself as it was the war where horse cavalry fought against newly produced weaponry. Battlefield 1 multiplayer will offer 64 player matches with  battles in the air, land and sea featuring all aspects of the WWI warfare with its technology diversion, explosions, tanks, horses, and even chemical weapons. Prepare to experience combats all over the globe, Europe, Arabia, the Balkans and much more. It’s not quite clear yet how the game will reproduce the surroundings of the Word War I but its has been confirmed that all the Battlefield 1 weaponry and gear will be authentic.

DICE haven’t revealed many details about the campaign yet, but promised it will deliver a more developed and advanced experience compared to the previous single player modes with more environment for the combat, more vehicle gameplay and more variety in general.

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Mega Modz Planet has been a provider of Battlefield compatible modded controllers for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 for the past few years and we are glad to continue to serve your Rapid Fire needs. As of now, the following mod packs are confirmed to be compatible with Battlefield 1: Rapid Fire, Auto Spot, Auto Burst, Quick Scope and Sniper Breath. Each function comes with default sub modes and an option to reprogram factory settings in a programming mode for a more personalized experience. Equip yourself with a Mega Modz Xbox One or PS4 Battlefield 1 modded controller and enhance your chances of defeating your enemies. Stay tuned!

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