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Get a modded controller for Battlefield Hardline and enjoy an unlimited access to the game!


It has been a while since we last wrote the news on the legendary Battlefield franchise. To the delight of series fans, Hardline will become available for the EA Access Vault in a few days which will provide members unlimited access to the game.

More games such as Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, BF4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, FIFA15 and others have also been added to Vault.

Battlefield franchise is famous for it military warfare but Hardline new developers, Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno’s Visceral Games, went for an experiment and put a lot of emphasis on to a new option featuring robbers and cops theme.

Although BR Hardline can be considered a great addition to a Battlefield franchise family, video gaming industry experts express a lot of doubts whether the game will become very popular among true fans of the series due to its overall similarity with “normal” BF games.

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Let us give you some more details on EA Access option. It is a subscription service offered exclusively by Xbox One with a month to month cost of $3.99 or a yearly fee of $19.99. On top of getting unlimited access to a lot of big games, program members also get a 10% discount on new games along with an early access. If you are into gaming and enjoy playing big gaming titles mentioned above, entering the program will be highly beneficial for your pocket and your passion.

Do not forget our Battlefield Hardline compatible modded controllers offer 5 programmable mod packs that will make a tremendous difference for your gaming performance. Check them out in action and share your opinions: Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Auto Spot, Quick Scope and Sniper Breath have been tested on the game and showed excellent Kills to Death results.

Stay tuned folks and happy shooting!

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