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Blue Predator Xbox One Rapid Fire Modded Controller

Blue-predator-xbox-one-rapid-fire-modded-controllerBlue Predator Xbox One modded controller is the newest addition to our hydro-dipped Rapid Fire modded controllers line for Xbox One gaming console. It features popular Predator pattern implemented in blue, gray and black colors on the front shell of the controller, the back comes in original standard black.

A cool look of the remote coupled with an amazing functionality deliver a powerful gaming gadget that will allow you to develop new useful skills to dominate your opponents and increase your kills to death ratio in no time.

Blue Predator Xbox One modded controller has been designed for first person shooter games and is compatible with all latest releases on the market, namely Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Titanfall.

The main function of the controller is its ability to give more shots per second to all semi auto and single shot weapons, thus  basically turning them into fully auto ones. Rapid Fire comes on the controller by default and provides 10 factory speeds programmed by our engineers along with the ability to customize them to your liking via a programming mode.

On top of main Rapid Fire function, we offer 14 other mod packs, so –called “exclusive mods’ that can be installed on to your Blue Predator Xbox One modded controller individually or in gaming packages.

Check out all the options, select the ones that fit your gaming needs the most and… Happy Shooting!

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