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Matte Blue PS4 Rapid Fire Modded Controller

matte-blue-ps4-rapid-fire-modded-controllerMatte Blue PS4 Modded Controller is a  is combination of a simple one color Play Station 4 remote and an ultimate 15 mods Rapid Fire chip including all new Jump Shot.

Our line of matte hydro-dipped controllers comes in several colors and features authentic Play Station controllers modded by our shop through the installation of 2014 modchip inside of the remotes to deliver an all-in-one gaming gadget for you or your beloved ones.

Our Engineering team has been engaged into development and manufacturing of a special Play Station 4 mod chip since early 2013 when Sony Corporation has announced of the release date of the next generation gaming console. The modchip installed inside our Matte Blue PS4 modded controllers delivers more special features compared to the PS3 version and most of the mods now offer programmable modes where users can re-write factory setting and tune in own settings.

We encourage our customer to find out more about the spec of new 2014 PS4 Rapid Fire chip and order the mods that will meet their very own gaming needs! Happy Shooting!

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