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Introducing PS4 Modded Controller


We are pleased to introduce a new modded controller for upcoming PS4 gaming system. Yes, that’s is right! We are the first and presently the only company on the market to offer a whole new level of gaming experience via our PS4 modded controller that features 2014 Rapid Fire technology.

New PS4 MegaModz modded controller will differ from its predecessor in terms of the look and technical side as well.

The look of PS4 controller has been significantly changed by a new touch pad that is located on the front of the controller. It will be used for multiple purposes such as character’s moves control and others. PS4 controller features new analog sticks that have a re-designed shape and are located far from each other to provide gamers with more comfort and more room for gripping. Vibrating sensors are now more advanced as well and provide a stronger feedback to players every time they reload weapons, crash cars, experience expositions etc. Another brand new and very cool feature of PS4 controller is Share button that is located on the top of the controller between the triggers right where PS3 Start and Select buttons used to be. Now users will be able to share their gaming achievements with their friends with the press of just one click. A new LEDs bar will serve as an indicator of the messages to players via its multiple colors options and blinking patterns. Overall, new PS4 controller delivers a much more user-oriented and well thought design and options compared to the PS3 version.

Now it’s time to talk about what comes inside of our PS4 modded controller. Every MegaModz PS4 modded controller comes with a 2014 new generation Rapid Fire chip delivering the fastest fire rates for all compatible weapons. Our Rapid Fire works with all first and third person shooter games as long as semi auto and single shot weapons are featured in them. Rapid Fire offers 10 sub-modes with different speeds that have already been pre-set by our engineers. Pre-set speeds will deliver the optimal shots per second for various guns in the most popular games on the market such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Black Ops 1, 2; Battlefield 4, GTA 5 and many others. Our PS4 instructions will be updated with defaults speeds and games/guns compatibility before the release date. In addition to default speeds, users are welcome to play around with their brand new PS4 modded controller and set up 10 own speed settings. Please note that every gun has a max speed cap pre-set by a game manufacturer, therefore going over the limit will not make your gun shoot any faster. All these tips and recommendations will be uploaded in our instructions closer to the PS4 modded controllers release date.

PS4 modded controllers feature a 2014 advanced processor and a bigger memory capacity compared to the PS3 version. Shortly after PS4 modded controllers release date, our engineers will come up with more updates for PS4 chip that will bring a lot of exciting exclusive mods similar to the ones that we currently offer for PS3 controllers. The biggest advantage of our 2014 PS4 processor is that you won’t have to purchase another controller if you want to add some or all of the new features onto to it – you will just update your current PS4 Rapid Fire controller purchased from us and all newly released features will automatically be installed onto it. Please note that you can update your PS4 modded controller anytime. How convenient is that?

Reserve your PS4 modded controller today as quantities are limited. Stay tuned for the release date and more details on PS4 modded controller specifications!

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