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Chrome Gold Xbox One Rapid Fire Modded Controller

chrome-gold-xbox-one-bf4-compatibleGreat news for all our fans out here! Chrome modded controllers have always been the most demanded deigns on the modded market ever since they first appeared in 2009. New hottest seller Gold Xbox One modded controller has finally become available at www.megamodzplanet.com.  Make it blink baby!

Shining smooth surface of our latest Xbox One addition implemented in beautiful yellow gold shade adds a lot of style and value to the gadget and coupled with our 2014 modding technology that comes with our 2014 Rapid Fire option installed on to every Xbox One controller by default, you get an ultimate remote that will become your provider to your video games experience of the next level!

The look of your new Xbox One modded controller is equally important as its functionality in terms of which we would like you to take your time and explore all options that can be installed on to your mod.  Rapid Fire function comes standard on every Xbox One controller and you can add up to 14 more useful functions that will be utilized by your character during the game and will inevitably lead to a better kills to deaths ration and better overall performance.

Do not hesitate to order your Xbox One Rapid Fire modded controller today and start dominating your opponents!

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