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Bullet Buttons Xbox One Modded Controller


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and here, at www.megamodzplanet.com we offer several lines of Xbox One modded controllers equipped with our most recent and updated modchip that includes Rapid Fire by default and can have 14 more mod packs installed on to it that won’t cause any glitches or errors in your game play.

Our modded controllers for Xbox One are presented in matte solid colors, shining chrome colors and bright hydro-dipped designs. Choosing a design for Xbox One mod is only a first step in building the controller of your dream, we encourage you to customize the look of your new gadget by adding Chrome or Gold Bullet Buttons that are made from real .9 mm bullets. The bullet buttons will give an edgy cool look to your Mega Modz Planet Xbox One mod and will add a feel of holding a real weapon in your hands as they are made from metal.

After you finish the customization of the look of your Xbox One controller, the most interesting part starts where you will be selecting which mod packs to add to your controller. Since Rapid Fire comes on every Xbox One modded controller by default, you don’t have to worry about that, just scroll through other 14 mod packs and learn their details by clicking on them. Watching the videos is very useful as well as you will be able to see the mods in action and determine if you are interested in adding this function to your character’s performance.  You are welcome to watch the videos on our Youtube channel or check out the Videos section on our website.

Please remember our friendly team is always here for you should you have an advice about choosing the product that will be right for you or if you have a concern or need technical assistance with Xbox One modded controller you have already purchased from us.  We are here Monday to Friday 10 AM – 5 PPM EST to ensure you will have the most pleasant experience with our product.

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