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Developers reveal more details on Destiny The Taken King and Halo 5 The Guardian games content


This week has been very informative for Halo and Destiny fans all over the world as the developers of legendary franchises have addressed gamers’ main questions and concerns. Bungie dispelled the fears of fans regarding a paid content in The Taken King DLC and 343 Industries leaked some facts on game achievements in upcoming Halo 5: The Guardians. Let us give you some more details on that:

With Bungie introducing microtransactions in Destiny, there are growing concerns what consumable items  may come to the shared world shooter and the future for a price after a number of new options were discovered in patch files.  Among the new items  things like the ability to level gaming character’s equipped subclass, the ability to get more moldering shard in the raid and buff weapon drops were found. Luke Smith, a long time Bungie employee, hurried to calm fans down tweeting that the developer revealed no plans to start selling drop rate buffs. Bungie rep hasn’t said anything officially about other level boosters yet which still raises concerns among the players.


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 A Quick Review of Destiny The Taken King Missions

More details on upcoming Halo 5 standouts and achievements have been revealed. As Waypoint has confirmed, the game will have 65 achievements total that will sum up into 1000 game score. Tasks will vary from simple ones like missions completion to complex ones such as beating levels using creative thinking and winning matches in multiplayer.  To keep fans intrigued, 343 Industries leaked some of the missions details. For example, player will have to find all skulls on given areas; open a gold REQ pack, watch a game in Benchwarmer, complete all missions on the Legendary difficulty level etc.

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