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Destiny House of Wolfes Expansion the Trials of Osiris Mode Tips


Welcome to our new monthly section where we will be giving you tips and tons of other useful information you will need to dominate in the most popular shooting games on the market.

Today we will talk about Destiny’s new expansion named House of Wolfes and it’s mode – the Trials of Osiris that is going to be a place to go for PVP rewards from now on. The event will be happening every week Friday to Monday placing Guardians in a  three versus three PVP arena where they will hunt for some of the game’s best weapon and armor. Players will have to get 9 wins before the end of the event to get the rewards and you we are glad to share all useful tips with you to get maximum wins.

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The weapons you will be equipped with is your key success factor therefore we suggest you ascend your  weapons and armor to do as much damage as possible or have the best defense. All of your exotics can be ascended for the cost of some glimmer , materials and one exotic shard. On the armor side, you can earn it at the new light level of forty two from the of Prison of Elders so keep that option in mind before selecting which pieces you like to ascend.

To ascend legendaries, you will need to have etheric light which you earn from the Prison of Elders, the Iron banner or Nightfall missions. We don’t recommend entering the Trials mode until you hit level 34 as you will be put at an immediate disadvantage compared to your competitors. Make sure to pick the pieces that will help charge the abilities you use faster when leveling your armor. Intellect will charge your Super ability , Discipline will give you more grenades faster and Strength will give you more powerful Melee attacks or throwing knives.

Next, you will need to pick the weapons you will be using the most in the Crusible and ascend  as well.  Do not forget , ascending your weaponry is super important in order to get as many wins as possible. Here are some of the best PVP weapons that include the Thorn, Hawkmoon or Last World Cannons; the Oversoal Edict Pulse rifle; Swordbreaker or Secret Handshake shotguns; Light of the Abyss fusion rifle, Hezen Vengeance rocket launcher and Jolder’s Hammer; Against All Odds or Devian Gravity machine guns.  If you don’t use any of the above listed weapons, we strongly recommend you to  ascend at least your primary and secondary ones.

We suggest you buy all the stuff available from Brother Vance The Trial of Osiris bender:

The Favor of Osiris will have you start the Trials with an already awarded win.  The Mercy of Osiris will forgive your first loss in the Trials and the Boon of Osiris will make your first win count as two wins on your score card.

The first map in the Trial is the Burnine Shrine. There is a large central room with a large pillar blocking any snipers so most likely you will be doing your thing in the dessert looking area or near the alien looking interior. The last advice for you will be getting yourself familiar with all the choke points in the Burnire Shrine before getting into the fight as the map is rather tight and will involve a lot of close quarter’s combats.

We hope you will find our tips useful and happy shooting!

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