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A quick review of Destiny The Taken King DLC missions


We were super excited to put our hands on The Taken King last night and spent a few hours beating new campaign missions to provide our readers with a detailed review on a new Destiny expansion. Here is what we are thinking so far..

Overall we liked new campaign missions with their brief and right to the point plots, well developed characters and lots of new battle grounds.


The Taken King now offers spacious areas where all action takes place: from a tangled labyrinth to a remote space station orbiting Mars. Tons of horizontal and vertical spaces offered for a combat feature a lot of attack opportunities and multiple approaches. We were very pleased with a variety of ways to use character’s special abilities and the weapons found throughout the game play.

Missions are full of diversity even if they take place at the same places you have visited before, at one point your task can be finding the keys to unlock certain doors and the next mission may require you to sneak around Hive guards without getting shot.

We have also been quite impressed with The Taken King’s enemies horrifying look as they now look as the twisted versions of usual Destiny creatures.

The Taken King is a fun Destiny content expansion with lots of entertaining missions and cool looking enemies to defeat, tasks to accomplish and areas to battle at. Explore the limits of your Destiny character’s possibilities in the game with the help of our modded controllers for all major gaming systems. Take a moment and check out Fate Multi Mode package that can be installed on to any controller of your choice and become Destiny unbeatable!


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