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Advanced Warfare Supply Drops


Have you had a chance to take advantage of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare brand new way to get tons of useful items that just became available in Multiplayer? If not, you have to try it! Supply Drops can be earned for a number of reasons such as time played in any of the modes, missions’ completion and many more.

Supply Drops items fall under 3 groups and have 3 have three levels of rarity: Elite, Professional and Unlisted. Players will be able to sell unwanted items for extra points in Multiplayer by pressing the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen at the permanent loot section.

So what are three categories of the items provided by Supply Drops? The first category is Weapon Loot and it offers unique camo, various irremovable weapon attachments and modified stats. Weapon Loot offers weapons with a different class of rarity.

Reinforcements is a second group of Supply Drops items and it includes all rare items you can earn that can be further used in Multiplayer.

Character Gear is the last group of Supply Drops items that offers customization items that can be placed on your character while building an operator in the lobby. A variety of items offers things from eyewear to shoes. These items bring only a cosmetic value and have no affect on overall gaming performance.

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