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No Split Screen for Halo 5 The Guardians?


Halo fans only have to wait as little as a month to begin enjoying the newest Halo franchise game, Halo 5 The Guardians,  that is set to be officially released on October, 27th of this year. Yet there has been a lot of debate about game developers’ decision to remove split screen multiplayer option from Halo 5.  343 executives commented on the decision as the hardest one they have ever made and gave their reasons for it. Their main concern was the technical side of the game; they were worried about the game not being able to run properly if offered a split screen. Developers want gamers to enjoy a great visual experience Halo 5 has to offer and a screen divided into 2 or 4 parts would most likely make the game both look and play badly.

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Everyone understands that long time Halo fans will miss the way the  couch co-op experience used to be but the game had to be adjusted in accordance to the changes in the video game industry. Split screen play is generally down. Gamers nowadays prefer online play to anything else and the latest generation of gaming consoles such as Xbox One and Play Station 4 offer state of the at technical capabilities for it. Another reason is people’s inability to get together and play due to busy rhythms of life and schedules. We are not sure if the above reasons are just excuses to cut the split screen play from most popular games but gaming is definitely becoming a one person experience rather than a social thing like before.

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