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Get your Xbox One or Xbox 360 Titanfall compatible modded controller today!


Good news for Titanfall fans out there! Titanfall developers are coming out with an update which will be applied to Xbox One, 360 and PC game versions. Let’s go over the key points the update will affect.

The playlist rotation will now feature The Featured Game Modes playlist that be cycling through modes. A new mode Marked for Death will be added to the first playlist. In this mode players from opposite teams will have to kill all opponents while protecting their teammate that will be marked as a target.

New Titan abilities and weapons will also become available for the players via 14 brand new Burn Cards and now players will only lose the cards when they die as a Titan. Another cool thing about the Burn Cards is that they now they have a new protection option that won’t let players lose their chance to earn rare Burn cards in case of a full deck. Max deck size has increased to 46 cards as opposed to 26.  

Other major improvements in Titanfall include things like new rearrangement of the teams that will balance skill and headcount levels; new voice options that will give players more verbal warnings and suggestions in the game. The bugs of the Xbox One version of the game have been worked on as well.

Check Titanfall out if you haven’t done so yet and immerse yourself in the colorful sci fi world of Titans’ battles. You are welcome to enhance your gaming experience with the help of our Titanfall modded controllers for Xbox One and Xbox 360 gaming systems. Mega Modz Xbox One Titanfall compatible modded controllers come with 5 mod packs: 10 mode programmable Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, jump Shot and Quick Scope. Xbox 360 Titanfall ready modded controllers come with same mods excluding Jump Shot. Click here to learn more on Titanfal compatible features, watch the mods in action and see which ones meet your gaming needs.

Stay tuned!

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