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Destiny released!


The latest baby of Activision and Bungie corporations – Destiny, finally hit the stores nationwide on September, 9th and already became the most successful game franchise launch in history  with over $500 million worth of copies of the game sold during the first day. Have you had a chance to play the game yet and get immersed into the phantasy world of intergalactic wars between the Guardians and the Aliens? If you haven’t so far, the info below might help you decide on whether or not the game will be entertaining enough to meet your expectations.

Destiny is set few hundred years in the future in outer space where humanity is on the verge of extinction and the last defenders, the Guardians,  are fiercely fighting against the Aliens to protect the last city on Earth.

Guardians are divided into 3 groups and players will also be able to choose a character from three available races. The groups include Exo, sinister creatures inspired by Terminator character; Awoken, mysterious and beautiful, inspired by vampires tales; and Humans, tough and unbeatable soldiers, inspired by Spartans images. These groups are only different in their looks; there is no obvious difference in capabilities and functions between the characters of each race. The classes of the character is a different story. Players will be able to chose from Hunters, sort of classic western movies characters; Warlocks, phantasy creatures similar to the ones from the Lord of the Rings series; and Titans inspired by the characters from the Star Wars.

Through the course of the game the Guardians will be fighting malicious Aliens all over the Solar system. The Aliens come in 4 races, each trying to conquer a different planet.

The game incorporates a new game engine and is referred to as a first person shooter.

More details and reviews will be revealed in our next post.

Our team at MegaModzPlanet is currently testing the game and doing its best to deliver Destiny compatible modded controllers for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 gaming systems to our customers in the shortest time. Stay tuned!

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