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Black Ops 3 Teaser Break Down



Although the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 gameplay trailer was release worldwide last week revealing lots of details on the game concept, warfare and weapons, we would still like to take a minute and break down BO3 teaser offered to the public a few days before the trailer.

The teaser contained a lot more information about the third Black Ops installment than it could seem at first sight. We are going to point out some key images from the teaser that stood out.

The first image of the teaser featured number 115 as you could notice. 115 element plays a huge role in the back story for Black Ops Zombies. It was actually found during WWI and was used to reanimate dead bodies – that’s how zombie came about.  In Black Ops element 119 can be found on some of the zombies maps. This looks like a very clear hint on a big return for Zombie mode.  On top of that image you can see coordinates which lead to a location near a river in Egypt.

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Next image featured an interesting character wrapped up in symbols that were spinning around it. Symbols looked like a composition of arrows, crosses and probably some Latin or any other ancient language letters. One can count approximately 13 – 14 symbols which may be representing a number of maps in the multiplayer or prestige mode symbols or anything else.

An interesting fact is that a snapshot of the image added on to the multiplayer of Black Ops 2 of appeared for a very short time at the bottom left corner.

Next image we are going to jump on showed a pistol in use that looked more like a modern day weapon similar to 5.7 pistol from Black Ops 2. Now as we know the game is set to in the future it is logical to assume that weapons will have a futuristic look to them as well.  Another set of coordinates showed in the teaser led us to a location in Zurich and was close to some water area again.

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Another image that stood out compared to the whole picture was an unusual object at the bottom left consisting of few squares with dot in the middle that kept on coming throughput a teaser being wrapped up around the key character.  It’s hard to think of its’ meaning though.

Moving on you could capture a knife with some Japanese numbers on it that might represent a big date of some event in the future or something of that nature.

Another element that definitely drew our attention to it was a trident symbol that appeared in the teaser more than twice. It might represent a key symbol for a war or one of the teams available in Black Ops 3.

Use your imagination to come up with more thoughts on Call of Duty Black Ops 3 story and features and stay tuned!

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