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Gold Modded PS3 Controller

Every gamer has come across a hot selling accessory on the video games market that took the industry by storm. This new toy is well known as a modded controller for 2 major gaming consoles – Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. PS3 modded controller have found its niche and the share of users successfully playing with modded controllers for Play Station 3 has been increased by hundred times in the past couple of years.

A sales leader has been established a while back. Gold PS3 modded controller has been in the highest demand ever since it has been first introduced on the US market in 2009. This particular design has found its fans among both teens and adults. Customers always get fascinated by its beautiful look and the feel they get while playing with it as the controller has a very silky, polished surface. Gold plated shell doesn’t fade or get cracked as we only use the most quality parts for our modded controllers.

Gold modded PS3 controller is a 100 % authentic PS3 controller that has only been opened to get the Rapid Fire chip installed and a shell replaced. Afterwards the controller functions have been tested on an actual game by one of our experienced technician’s gamers to ensure the highest quality of the product.

The most common ad-on option to go with a Gold PS3 controller is bullet buttons that substitute original Play Station operational buttons. The bullets buttons are real .9 mm buttons that give a perfect finished look to the Gold PS3 controller. Another detail to be considered as an add-on to the controller is a shotgun case D-pad and thumb sticks. These babies will definitely give an ultimate look to your Gold Ps3 controller.

Gold PS3 modded controller comes with our advanced Rapid Fire chip by default. Once activated, Rapid Fire makes all semi-automatic and single shot weapons shoot as fully-automatic ones, thus giving users more shots per seconds and therefore more kills. For users’ convenience our Rapid Fire has 10 default speed settings that can be changed in a special programming mode if desired. Rapid Fire is considered to be the main function of any modded controller and not many users know that there are tons of additional options out there that would take gaming performance to a completely new level. These options should definitely be researched and taken into consideration while purchasing a mod as a fully equipped Gold PS3 controller will leave zero chances to your competition on the battlefield.

Get yours today while supplies last!

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