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  • advanced-warfare-perks-for-modded-controllers

    Have you had a chance to take advantage of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare brand new way to get tons of useful items that just became available in Multiplayer? If not, you have to try it! Supply Drops can be earned for a number of reasons such as time played in any of the modes, missions’ completion and many more.

    Supply Drops items fall under 3 groups and have 3 have three levels of rarity: Elite, Professional and Unlisted. Players will be able to sell unwanted items for extra points in Multiplayer by pressing the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen at the permanent loot section. [Read more]

  • get-ready-for-the-battle-in-advanced-warfare-wth-our-modded-controllers

    Since Activision has been suspiciously quiet about sales figures for the newly released Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game, analysts assume the numbers are not going to be that high and many think there have been sold less copies of Advanced Warfare compared to Ghosts.  The game, however, received generally positive reviews from the experts of the most popular gaming resources who rated it 9 out of 10 and gamers who left good feedbacks about the game plot, features and dynamics.

    Let’s see what makes Advanced Warfare stand out from other games of the legendary franchise.

    Campaign is a lot of fun.  Most players usually like the multiplayer and don’t care as much for the campaign, but Advanced Warfare single player mode broke the tradition and delivered a quality single player mode with an engaging plot and a well thought-out dynamics.

    Advanced Warfare is the first Call of Duty game to be created in 3 year development cycle instead of the usual 2 year cycle for other games in the franchise.  Having one extra year on hands to complete the game gives a great advantage to the game right from the start as there should be less glitches and lags during the game play.

    According to the game developers, Advanced Warfare was inspired by films mostly and not by other Sledgehammer games. No specific movies have been named though. [Read more]

  • call-of-duty-modded-controller

    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will finally be released in just 3 (!) days and our anticipation has reached its zenith. All latest leaks of the game actual videos and information have heated public interest even more.  It appears that some game copies have been stolen and then leaked to the public leaving Activision and Sledgehammer Games very upset over the situation.  The stolen copies gave a lot of details about the game including the list of weapons, Exo abilities, and maps and confirmed the availability of Zombie mode.

    Here is a brief summary of Advanced Warfare menu options: there will be  17 weapons Camo options,  5 classes of guns including all new LMG option that will introduce 5 absolutely brand new weapons, 15  weapon attachments, 8 Exo abilities and 13 maps. [Read more]

  • Call of Duty is a legendary franchise that has been producing one of the best selling first and third person shooter games for over  a decade now.  Let’s take a look back at the series biggest gaming releases.

    In 2003 the first COD game was published with an unknown name Call of Duty World War II. The game turned out to be a great success with its shooter mechanics and few campaigns to choose from. 2007 was marked by the appearance of a new game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that was even a biggest success and the series instantly earned a reputation of the most popular and top selling franchise on the video games market.

    The franchise made its way to all gaming platforms from consoles and PC’s to Nintendo handhelds.

    Call of Duty World at War that came out in 2008 introduced Zombies mode that constantly became super popular and has been featured in every following COD game.

    Next significant event in the history of COD franchise development would be a release of Modern Warfare 2 in 2009 that basically refined Call of Duty 4 and made the game the most dominant first person shooter on every major platform.

    We all know what happened in 2010 – Black ops swept the fans of their feet with its new level of the plot,  improved multiplayer and ever popular Zombie mode.

    There is still a lot of debate going on about which COD game is the best ever and most fans name Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3 that came out in 2011 to be the most engaging and top quality online shooter of all times. COD Modern Warfare 3 is our personal favorite among all COD releases due to its great narrative, perfect size maps and a well built game dynamics. [Read more]

  • destiny-modded-controllers

    The latest baby of Activision and Bungie corporations – Destiny, finally hit the stores nationwide on September, 9th and already became the most successful game franchise launch in history  with over $500 million worth of copies of the game sold during the first day. Have you had a chance to play the game yet and get immersed into the phantasy world of intergalactic wars between the Guardians and the Aliens? If you haven’t so far, the info below might help you decide on whether or not the game will be entertaining enough to meet your expectations.

    Destiny is set few hundred years in the future in outer space where humanity is on the verge of extinction and the last defenders, the Guardians,  are fiercely fighting against the Aliens to protect the last city on Earth. [Read more]

  • Titanfall-mods

    Good news for Titanfall fans out there! Titanfall developers are coming out with an update which will be applied to Xbox One, 360 and PC game versions. Let’s go over the key points the update will affect.

    The playlist rotation will now feature The Featured Game Modes playlist that be cycling through modes. A new mode Marked for Death will be added to the first playlist. In this mode players from opposite teams will have to kill all opponents while protecting their teammate that will be marked as a target.

    New Titan abilities and weapons will also become available for the players via 14 brand new Burn Cards and now players will only lose the cards when they die as a Titan. Another cool thing about the Burn Cards is that they now they have a new protection option that won’t let players lose their chance to earn rare Burn cards in case of a full deck. Max deck size has increased to 46 cards as opposed to 26.   [Read more]

  • Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-modded-controllers

    As less and less time is left until the newest Call of Duty franchise Advanced Warfare release date, the producers reveal more details on the features of the upcoming game.

    Rumors have it that the most prominent and worked on part of Advanced Warfare will be its multiplayer. In one of his interviews, co-founder Michael Kodery called it a big step forward compared to other Call of Duty and competition multiplayer and mentioned that 3 years of hard work put into its development, have resulted in tons of new content and innovative gaming solutions. The fact the game takes place in fifty years from now left a lot of room for imagination and creativity of the development team.  Players will have a new set of skills and abilities like an ability to jump big distances and heights; they will be exposed to absolutely new gear and gadgets like energy rifles and cycled grenades. [Read more]

  • cod-ghosts-invasion-modded-controllers

    There is some great news for Call of Duty Ghosts fans out there as a brand new DLC map is now available for download.  The new DLC pack is named Invasion and consists of 4 maps. The first three maps are brand new multiplier maps called Pharaoh, Mutiny and Departed; and the last map is a refreshed version of an old map taken from modern Warfare 2 – Favela.

    Let’s take a closer look on each of the new maps and see what they have to offer.

    Pharaoh is a desert map that features lots of ruins and Easter eggs. The map offer lots of open spaces that will require players to stay focused and watch out for the enemies. [Read more]

  • Modded controllers come in tons of design variations and custom look options. Within minutes customers can find all kinds of colors and textures that are available for a controller shell.  No doubt, there are certain designs that are in a high demand and are very popular among buyers all over the world. One of these powerful designs is Gold Xbox 360 controller.  It has got stunning sophisticated look to it with its smooth shell painted with a solid gold color and gold operational buttons. Imagine adding a couple add ons options  like bullet buttons  or color changing thumb sticks on to it and you will get a perfect toy every gamer is craving for.

    [Read more]

  • Orange Modded Xbox 360 Controller
    Video games industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the current market. The makers of video games are constantly making new releases or adding more to the storyline of existing popular games. The industry giants such as Microsoft and Sony keep improving their gaming consoles technology and now a new generation of consoles is on its way.   Companies producing complimentary products don’t lag behind the industry leaders and keep coming up with new exciting goods. One of the most popular accessories on the market of video games is a custom modded controller by Mega Modz Planet.

    [Read more]

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