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    Hello COD fans,  it’s been long five months since Activision released Call of Duty Black Ops 3 that has turned out to be the first game in a legendary series not to become a total failure in the past few years compared to its predecessors. Players have had a chance to play it, experience it, live it and  to make a conclusion whether the franchise has re taken it’s place on the video games market. Most agreed that the game is significantly better than Advanced Warfare or Ghosts but still doesn’t offer a well paced dynamics or plot and features too many futuristic elements, referring to Modern Warfare as being the best Call of Duty game ever.

    Developers analyzed the feedback and came up with a genius solution to introduce a new COD that won’t be like any other. Call of Duty Infinity Warfare will have an unusual plot and surroundings  to attract new customers and  will offer a nice bonus to the edition – a remastered version of Modern Warfare to win back the old ones!

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    Infinite Warfare structure will remain untouched offering traditional  game modes: campaign, multiplayer and Zombies. There is little to nothing know on the multiplayer features at the moment. Zombie mode will have a new plot with unique mechanics and features. And as for campaign, this is where it gets interesting. Details emerging about Infinite Warfare campaign reveal the game missions will challenge traditional COD as we know it. Gamers will get to play as a character who is going to be pilot of a space fighter jet, therefore there will be a lot of flying on the jet,controlling it,  fighting the ships of the enemies, jumping into zero-g, combats with the enemies inside the jet and other cool features. The Infinity Ward tease fans talking more about game options such as ability to communicate with the crew on the ship and assign different missions to it. [Read more]

  • black-ops-3-cod-modded-controllers-by-mega-modz-planet

    It is hard to describe how anxiously everyone has been waiting for a midnight four days ago. The newest release of a legendary Call of Duty franchise – Black Ops 3, became available to the fans worldwide on November, 6.

    Previous not so successful Call of Duty installments significantly shook the faith in the brand and its status quo but looks like Black Ops 3 managed to regain customers trust back and delivered an exciting content with a quality first person shooter fulfilling a lot of fans’ expectations.

    Fans were pretty scared the game would turn out into another “futuristic bullshit” as game trailers showed team fascination with 2065 military technologies, weapons, characters skills and more. To everyone’s relief, Black Ops 3 continued the glorious traditions of the original Call of Duty games with its strong content, perfect game dynamics, beautiful visuals and just light modernized features like robots and some weaponry.



    Campaign mode doesn’t offer any wild elements or surprises. It is a quality 10 hour journey through a worldwide warfare that takes place 40 years after the events of Black Ops 2 with varied and competent opponents and high tech technology. [Read more]

  • modded-controllers-for-xbox-one-and-ps-4

    Play Station 4 has been keeping its leading selling position on the gaming console market for the five months in the row.  With no specific sales numbers available to the public, Sony Corp took a moment to thank all fans and customer for an ongoing support and faith in the brand. In terms of game bundles, PS4 was the best selling console for Destiny:The Taken King, NBA 2K16, FIFA 16, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Madden NFL 16.

    Microsoft VP of marketing announced that Xbox One sales have been steady with a decent yearly increase. Forza Motosport 6 and EA Sports bundles have been especially successful for the brand. As for the holiday forecasts, MS mentioned that  Xbox Ones fans will be able to enjoy the fastest and the most user engaging experience on Xbox Live, the most advanced and up to date Xbox One Elite controller coming this holiday season.

    Overall all gaming consoles sales have increased during the last quarter if compared on a weekly basis. According to NPD, the latest generation of consoles have experienced double digit growth and have sales number that are 40% higher compared to Xbox 360 and PS3 figures. [Read more]

  • destiny-and-halo-modded-controllers-by-mega-modz-planet

    This week has been very informative for Halo and Destiny fans all over the world as the developers of legendary franchises have addressed gamers’ main questions and concerns. Bungie dispelled the fears of fans regarding a paid content in The Taken King DLC and 343 Industries leaked some facts on game achievements in upcoming Halo 5: The Guardians. Let us give you some more details on that:

    With Bungie introducing microtransactions in Destiny, there are growing concerns what consumable items  may come to the shared world shooter and the future for a price after a number of new options were discovered in patch files.  Among the new items  things like the ability to level gaming character’s equipped subclass, the ability to get more moldering shard in the raid and buff weapon drops were found. Luke Smith, a long time Bungie employee, hurried to calm fans down tweeting that the developer revealed no plans to start selling drop rate buffs. Bungie rep hasn’t said anything officially about other level boosters yet which still raises concerns among the players.


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     A Quick Review of Destiny The Taken King Missions

    [Read more]

  • battlefield-hardline-modded-controllers-by-mega-modz-planet

    It has been a while since we last wrote the news on the legendary Battlefield franchise. To the delight of series fans, Hardline will become available for the EA Access Vault in a few days which will provide members unlimited access to the game.

    More games such as Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, BF4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, FIFA15 and others have also been added to Vault.

    Battlefield franchise is famous for it military warfare but Hardline new developers, Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno’s Visceral Games, went for an experiment and put a lot of emphasis on to a new option featuring robbers and cops theme.

    Although BR Hardline can be considered a great addition to a Battlefield franchise family, video gaming industry experts express a lot of doubts whether the game will become very popular among true fans of the series due to its overall similarity with “normal” BF games.

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  • destiny-modded-controllers-by-mega-modz-planet

    We were super excited to put our hands on The Taken King last night and spent a few hours beating new campaign missions to provide our readers with a detailed review on a new Destiny expansion. Here is what we are thinking so far..

    Overall we liked new campaign missions with their brief and right to the point plots, well developed characters and lots of new battle grounds.


    The Taken King now offers spacious areas where all action takes place: from a tangled labyrinth to a remote space station orbiting Mars. Tons of horizontal and vertical spaces offered for a combat feature a lot of attack opportunities and multiple approaches. We were very pleased with a variety of ways to use character’s special abilities and the weapons found throughout the game play.

    Missions are full of diversity even if they take place at the same places you have visited before, at one point your task can be finding the keys to unlock certain doors and the next mission may require you to sneak around Hive guards without getting shot.

    We have also been quite impressed with The Taken King’s enemies horrifying look as they now look as the twisted versions of usual Destiny creatures.

    The Taken King is a fun Destiny content expansion with lots of entertaining missions and cool looking enemies to defeat, tasks to accomplish and areas to battle at. Explore the limits of your Destiny character’s possibilities in the game with the help of our modded controllers for all major gaming systems. Take a moment and check out Fate Multi Mode package that can be installed on to any controller of your choice and become Destiny unbeatable!




    What’s up, Battlefield fans! Today we will summarize the latest news about your favorite gaming series.

    Today, May 26 DICE is releasing a much anticipated spring update for Battlefield 4 that will be available for all gaming platforms Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.  The newest Battlefield patch will offer 5 brand new weapons and the new mode Gun Master. New mode will be similar to existing Battlefield 4 Gun Games mode where you would start playing with only one weapon and will be rewarded with seventeen more weapons for each kill until you get rewarded with a knife that you would perform your final kill with.

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    New cool updates on netcode and performance are included in the patch as well.  A pleasant news is the that all new Battlefield content will be free for players from now on. [Read more]

  • destiny-modded-controllers-by-mega-modz-planet

    Welcome to our new monthly section where we will be giving you tips and tons of other useful information you will need to dominate in the most popular shooting games on the market.

    Today we will talk about Destiny’s new expansion named House of Wolfes and it’s mode – the Trials of Osiris that is going to be a place to go for PVP rewards from now on. The event will be happening every week Friday to Monday placing Guardians in a  three versus three PVP arena where they will hunt for some of the game’s best weapon and armor. Players will have to get 9 wins before the end of the event to get the rewards and you we are glad to share all useful tips with you to get maximum wins.

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    The weapons you will be equipped with is your key success factor therefore we suggest you ascend your  weapons and armor to do as much damage as possible or have the best defense. All of your exotics can be ascended for the cost of some glimmer , materials and one exotic shard. On the armor side, you can earn it at the new light level of forty two from the of Prison of Elders so keep that option in mind before selecting which pieces you like to ascend. [Read more]

  • halo-4-modded-controllersThe latest patches that came out for Call of Duty and Halo franchises newest releases – Advanced Warfare and Halo 4 brought lots of fix ups and new content  for the games’ fans.  Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is now offering supply drop missions on a daily basis that will let players earn different kinds of rewards based on set challenges competition on both campaign and multiplayer modes.

    Halo 4 patch includes a content update that will include fixes on custom and roster games; matchmaking and Spartan Ops mode.

    We are glad to welcome you at our online store and introduce you our high end modded controllers for Xbox One, Play Station 4, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 gaming systems that will meet the demands of the most experienced gamers. [Read more]

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    With Christmas coming in less than two weeks, you probably already know what gift you’d like to get or to give to your beloved ones. If a modded controller of the next-gen is on your list then stop looking, you’ve come t the right place to get one!

    At www.megamodzplanet.com we offer tons of cool looking highly functional modded controllers for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony Play Station 4 and Play Station 3 that will become your everyday gaming tool for destroying your virtual enemies and placing you on the top players list in no time. [Read more]

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